Should I just take this as were not together anymore?

ok so my so called boyfriend hasn't been talking to me at all lately..if I don't text him he won't talk to me at all and has went days without talking to me..but when I do end up texting him he replies "Hey babe" and that's it. if I ask what he's doing he doesn't reply back at all. Should I take this as me and him aren't dating anymore? Like is this some type of hint? he has never done this before and its just all of a sudden he started acting this way :/ I really wouldn't like to end it but if this is how its gonna be I rather not be with him :(


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  • Well, you can't really have a relationship without communication and it doesn't sound like you guys are communicating. Tell him if he doesn't start talking to you you're going to end it and find someone who will. If he cares he'll change his behavior. If not then you're better off without him. No point in "dating" someone who won't talk to you when there are plenty of guys who would probably love talking to you.


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  • Not enough info for me, but.

    He is either giving you the silent treatment or he's moved on...

  • Sounds that he has lost interest I you, but he doesn't want to be a**hole to break up with you, so he is waiting for you to take the first step.

  • Yup I think it'd be better to move on...


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