Do dating sites really work?

I'm a 25 year old male from Bangalore, India. I've been through a few troubled relationships in the past, several years ago. I'm single since more than 2 years now, and during these 2 years I enjoyed my single status and didn't even try to date anyone. But now, I'm slightly feeling the need to get into a secure long term relationship, which may hopefully lead to marriage after 2 or 3 years. I have only a handful of friends, all male. And there is no way I can directly make any female friends or date them. So I'm considering the option of signing up on a dating site. First I thought of matrimonial sites since I'm mainly looking for a relationship which will eventually lead to marriage. But I know matrimonial sites are for people looking to get married immediately. I'm not in a position to get married for at least another 2 or 3 years. Hence I felt a dating site might suit my need better than a matrimonial site. So I just want to ask, how effective are dating sites to find a partner? Most people only say bad stuff about dating sites, like they're full of fake profiles and fake people only looking for short term fun. And some people also told me that the ratio of men to women on dating sites is like 100 is to 1, and men never get any responses. Sill others say the women on dating sites are those who have failed to get dates in real life, so they're the kind of women no one would want to date. Please advice me. Thank you.


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  • They shouldn't be called dating really don't date on there. Instead, they should be called Finding sites...where you find the type of people you're interested in...and in turn they are doing the same contact each in person and so on. Trust me..after being a a dating site for any length of are able to discern from the truthful...valid profiles...and the fakes. In my experience there are MORE good honest people online than I expected. You will learn quickly. Good luck


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  • Do dating sites really work?

    For some people.

    So I just want to ask, how effective are dating sites to find a partner?

    Depends on one's physical attractiveness, wealth, status, and personality.

    ". And some people also told me that the ratio of men to women on dating sites is like 100 is to 1, and men never get any responses"

    Those people were likely adhering to Online Dating Myths or thinking since they or the men they knew never got any response that's the norm for men.

    Please advice me.

    Probably best suited to seek gals in your area ala hobbies, interests, and activities rather than online dating.

    • See, the main problem is that I'm really ugly, so there's no way any woman will get attracted to me by seeing me. Since the first impression won't be good, she obviously won't like my personality. But if its online dating, I can reveal my personality though my words and make her like me, and only meet after she's comfortable. I hope you got my point.

    • Online dating generally requires a photo for profiles and most gals probably won't bother with a profile without a profile.

      I highly doubt you'll be able to use your personality to have her like you enough to see past your looks when you reveal it during the first meet.

  • Dating sites are OK. My advice would be to find someone NOT on a dating site. Your search would be free and you wouldn't have to deal with scammers, women not responding to your emails, etc...


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  • You could try to join some clubs or some classes where girls & guys will mingle, instead of a dating site. Dating sites are many a times tiring. I guess it may even work good in western countries, but a little tough for India.

    • See, the thing is, no one would be willing to date me if they see me directly because I'm really ugly. If its online dating, I can get them to like me with my words and personality, and only meet them if they feel comfortable.

    • But to meet a girl online, the chances are very slim. So that squares it all. And people will be skeptic about you while talking online. But in person, your personality may give a stronger impact on them. All the best.

  • the odds are much more in a woman's favor on online dating sites than for men, I'd say men have to be in the top 10 percent of attractiveness on online dating sites, meanwhile women have to be in the top 50 percent