Why is he starting this mess again? What is he trying to do?

My ex from a while back and I have an interesting relationship...we're friends but old feelings still remains. Throughout the years he has broken my heart many times. He would disappear for months, come back and somehow get my emotions stirred. Every time I tell myself to not let him get to me.

Two years ago, he got me. I ended up falling back in love with him. One thing, he had a girlfriend. He was in love with her and this and that and once rubbed it in my face. After a few guys came and went (he cursed me saying trust would be my biggest issue) he came back. Talked me into expressing my feelings and next thing I know we're planning to see each other when he starts school. A day or two of talking, I told him this was bull. I will not fall in love with him while he goes with someone else and wait for him to leave her. He kept saying he was sorry for hurting me and I just wasn't going to deal with this. I kept asking him why he would do this to me, why he thinks he could do this to me, why he would even repeat the same thing over and over again and all he could say was sorry. This turned into a bitter dispute and we didn't talk until just recently.

We're friend on Facebook because he doesn't talk to me on there and vice versa so I didn't see a reason to block him. He friend requested me one day and I accepted (we agreed to be friends the day we broke up, before all of this). A few days ago he wrote me say "hi my beautiful second love" and this caused a natural disaster in my head. So I said "huh" and he replied "I'm saying hi and that's you are beautiful"...he's in the marines as well so he told me he was coming home from it after he said he was "great kind of" and I asked him what was up..

What the hell is this all about? And why is he starting this mess again or is he starting some mess again?!

I'm lost..


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  • Wow, girl first I want to apologize to you for this crazy mess. this is not the guy for you honey it wasn't meant to be that is why your not together. this guy seems more like a player than an actual boyfriend.He saying all this and starting it all again with you honey to get the best of you and getting under your skin. Don't let him do that don't give him the power you will find so much better trust me time heals all wounds. The man you truly desire will sweep you off your feet. Go Forward don't go back move on with your life you don't need all that drama, let someone put up with that.


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  • What's he trying to do? Trying to reconnect, get something from you.


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  • It seems like he's just playing with your emotions to me. I used to date a guy who would act similar. I just learned that you can't really trust anything they do or say.

    I would just forget about this guy. Seems like he isn't worth your time :)

  • He's trying to screw you duh.