Is it coming on too strong of I ask a guy for coffee?

I work in retail and have a coworker who is in a different department. He seem genuinely sweet and laid back when we were in the lunch room eating as a group. He is really cheery and happy today. He wave as he walked by but I am not sure if it is me or the other coworker (she is older and had no reaction). Anyways, I will transfer to a different but will do be the same type of department (shoes). I just wonder is it coming on too strong if I ask him for coffee and advice. Is it coming on too strong?

What if he has a gf?!


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  • There's no way that that's coming on too strong.

    • Better be going with a group then.

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    • I am wonderingly..though group option isn't feasible.

    • You'll probably find out after you ask him out for coffee, otherwise he'd bring it up if you're dropping him hints, well you'd hope so anyway.


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  • not at all. There is a reason why coffee is people's favorite first date.

    • I am a little nervous because I never ask guys. advice, please! What to talk about- keep it very interview like?

    • Don't ask too many interview type questions, tell stories, make him laugh, let him talk.

  • Too strong? Not at all.


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  • Not at all. Just ask him if he wants to have coffee after shift or something. If he has a girlfriend he will tell you.