Would you stay with this guy?

he calls when he can

he texts if he has the time

he never says he loves me without being prompted

he gets annoyed and leaves if there's a lick of an argument arising and only surfaces when he thinks its gone

he doesn't want to know if something is wrong with me more when things are good because it doesn't make him 'happy'

he never takes in what I say because he never thinks its significant

and for guys could you see the reasoning behind this behavior?

I'm trying to make it as clear cut as possible so I'm not putting down my emotions or how long we were together or any of that. I want an impartial opinion/

honestly thanks everyone for your responses it was incredibly helpful, I thought the same as well


Most Helpful Guy

  • I would say no. You are a girlfriend of convenience. He likes you when you are easy. Any hint of effort and he's not there.

    Go for someone that can't stop thinking about you when you are apart.


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What Guys Said 5

  • This guy is emotionally draining! Seriously if he won't open up and talk to you about his problems and insecurities then you may have to think about moving on. Like I say, do try and talk to him, say to him you feel upset at his behavior at times and tell him straight what you are thinking. But if he won't bidge on his behavior , move on from him. You have a life to think about.

  • If he doesn't bother to talk things out with you he doesn't respect you. That's enough to forget him.

  • Nah, this guy isn't worth your time

  • Are you even actually dating this guy? I don't see why he'd avoid you unless you 2 weren't even together and all this drama was happening.

    • we've been together for close to a year :/

    • That's a long time being with someone to just avoid you. Move on sister.

  • "he gets annoyed and leaves if there's a lick of an argument arising and only surfaces when he thinks its gone"

    This. If you're with a person who can't handle talking with you about problems in your relationship, then the relationship is doomed to failure. There's no singular aspect of a relationship that's more important than communication.


What Girls Said 2

  • No. He sounds selfish and like he wants a doll instead of a girlfriend. We're all human and all have our "down" days. And perhaps you wouldn't feel so unhappy (thus "starting conflict" from his POV) if he actually paid attention to you and made effort.

  • No

    He's selfish and or spoilt. He doesn't know how to deal with conflict. He's not a problem solver. He doesn't know how to "move on". He's immature. He doesn't know what he wants. He sits back, he doesn't get what he wants.