What does he want? What do I do?

We went on one awkward date, nothing happened because the guy was leaving the country soon. I don't hear from him for two months, but then he sends me this super long message asking how I was doing and telling me what he was up to. He's still not returning to the country for several months.

Is he trying to keep communication open because he's interested?

Or is he just being friendly?

What am I supposed to do?


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  • ive had guys do that to me as well. Yes, I think he is keeping his options open, he seems to at least like your conversation, I would go ahead and talk to him until he comes back! If he holds on that long just talking through the phone then he might be interested!


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What Guys Said 2

  • He likes you. You should stay in touch with him if you like him.

  • What are you supposed to do? I think if you're interested, talk. if not, then just be friendly.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well a relationship in this situation would be difficult and probably not work out in the long run, but it does seem he is interested in you and interested in keeping his options open. Just be friendly while he's away, and if he starts getting more than friendly closer to his return, you can start to date when he gets back. Just don't invest too much in this guy, in case you get your feelings hurt.