Would you date a black girl who didn't fit the stereotypes?

I take pride in how I look but I'm not completely obssesive

im not a bitch but I can have a little attitude at times

people talk about how I'm always super peppy

im smart and classy

and I'm not prude or a whore I'm a normal young horny girl (although most people would probably guess more prudish) with boundaries

im not a democrat (or a republican) I'm independent

I listen to mostly rock(alternative and acoustic are my favorite) and all other types but I can only handle so much country and RnB

Iv been called an oreo. But I do have to say I find that ignorant if not slightly insulting... I shouldn't be seen as white because I'm classy. Not every black person is trashy and not every white person in classy. but I do understand the point they were trying to make, I'm not your "stereotypical black girl"


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  • You must be from the south because where I'm from black people aren't looked down on that way, they are as equal as everyone else. If anything arabs or immigrants are thought of that way. We've come a long way from those days, all the black people I've grown up around are educated and successful and I've lived in mostly mixed neighborhoods. Maybe where your from people are a little more ignorant to how well blacks are doing in other places around the world.

    • Im from the north, but live in the south, and I was shocked to find that most people down here still live "color coded" even though they all claim to not be racist. Its refreshing to hear that its my surroundings and not the norm, thank you!

    • no not the norm in the least, the people who give black people a bad name are a minority, same as whites who give white people a bad name. It only seems like the norm because people only want to focus on the negative, the media only wants to put the loud, crazy degrading people on TV and in the media because that's more entertaining


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  • I would date a girl of any race that I was both attracted to, and had respect for. I don't care if they fit into a stereotype or not.

    • Thats awesome, Iv never really ventured into the idea of dating someone who does fit into stereotypes before... Thanks for answering

  • Already doing that.

    • aw it that yall in the pic? Good for you guys!

    • Yup that's us in central park in new york city :) thanks. We're really happy together. Met in college.

    • Awesome! Love central park!

  • If anything I'd say that's a good thing. That's not supposed to be a shot at black girls, but more the idea that you're not going to follow a stereotype because it's not who you are. And to me that's a good thing.

    • thanks! I feel like people expect me to fit into a box and sometimes get mad when I dont, so thank you! But you didn't answer the question lol

    • Short answer is yes.

    • great! thanks for answering

  • Sure, why not?

    • Well, that's what I would say but a suprising number of people where I live are closed off to the idea ha ha Thanks for answering!

    • Guess at least that eliminates a lot of close minded or bigoted people who might otherwise have ended up with. So that's a plus ;) and you're absolutely welcome!

    • So damn true :)

  • Would you date a black girl who didn't fit the stereotypes? Yes.

    • Thanks for answering!

  • Gladly. I especially like that part that you're independent politically and you mostly listen to rock. lol

    • Haha I'm really adamant about the independence and the rock music so thank you! Thanks for answering!

    • You're very welcome

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  • Be glad you're not called a stereotypical black girl, that's just putting labels on people and presuming all black people are the same. Like all white people are the same, everybody should think that's not true. Why wouldn't they date you? You feel good about yourself, you're not easy to get in bed, you're not a prude, you have your own opinion and you're not a pushover. I don't see why someone wouldn't date you just because you're not like people think a black girl is.

    • I completely agree with how its bad to label people, white black brown yellow green. And thank you for the second part of your answer!

    • No problem! Don't let anybody tell you how you're supposed to be!

      (how I wish I could follow my own advice, ha ha :p)

    • I think that's great advice! And its a struggle for everyone lol!

  • What's the stereotypes?

    • haha actually I googled it to ask the question ill find the links and comment again

  • What race are you asking about?

    I was at Walmart about an hour ago and saw 2 different black girl/white guy couples...so if that's your thing, its becoming more popular.

    One of the black girls looked like she was in her early 20s and looked like she probably hang out with a lot of white folks.and the other was a professional looking woman who I'd guess was in her 50s.

    More black women could date out if they gave it a chance but a lot of us honestly tend to be a bit clannish

  • Aww you messed up big time when you decided to ask this question. It would have been a perfectly acceptable question if you didn't bring race into it. Your race does not define you. You're an individual wouldn't you say?

    • Thats how I feel, but where I live it has a stong importance, I feel like I'm seen as black first then as an individual after.

  • Im an african American and this question was quite insulting. Your only feeding into stereotypes. Just because some black people are ghetto doesn't mean that it defines us all. That's like someone saying "do you think people will assume I'm racist or trailer park rash because I'm white" There are stereotypes for every group, don't promote it. If you had knowledge of black people youd know that the majority of us are respectable human beings just like everyone else.

    • Thats what I said, "I shouldn't be seen as white because I'm classy. Not every black person is trashy and not every white person in classy" that was my point of the last paragraph, I was saying that stereotypes don't make sense because not everyone is going to fit into that box, often times not even the majority.