Guys could you wait if you really liked them?

You're in a long distance relationship with somebody you've never met but that's about to change in a few days. You'll spend a month with them but won't be able to see them for a few months as you're 14 hours away by flight. If you do get on with them and everything is good but didn't have sex with them during that time, would you be able to wait for them or would you lose interest instead?


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  • If our chemistry is that good we'd haw sex that first month.

    How many months will we be apart? I suppose I could survive with Skype sex

    • hmmm around 8 I guess

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  • Well physical connections is what lacks in these relationships and causes them to fail. If you two have the strong willpower to handle that then go for it.

    • i can go without sex for years but I don't know about him lol

  • Guys could you wait if you really liked them? yes but not forever.


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