Why do guys use smileys and lol a lot in texts?

I have this one guy friend do this a lot and it bugs me! Whys does he do it? And he says sorry a lot in his texts to if we don't get time to hang out why?

Thanks guys!
Karion156 it's one guy.


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  • If he says sorry a lot, then he sounds a bit insecure, and wants you to know that he's sorry, and uses emoticons in a way to flirt. Each person has their own reason behind using smiley faces.

    I tend to use them to help convey what I am saying, since not just emotions but tone of voice can be hard to pick up through text alone. If I am being sarcastic, I tend to use a smiley face to show that I am being sarcastic just in case the person was thinking I was being serious. The only time I ever use any kind of smiley face as a way to show I am flirting with a girl is when I use the wink face ;) like that. If I am just using a regular :) face, then I am just trying to get across the tone of voice.

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  • Lack of communicative skills.

  • I'm not sure, but I do it pretty often :D

    In fact, whenever I'm chatting, almost every single sentence has at least one emoticon at the end.. o.o

    That's kinda how it works! :P

    ...point is, for me, it's a habit, and a means of showing some type of emotion. But it's nothing compared to voice and all. "lol" is sort of neutral if you ask me, most people just reply that to almost anything.

  • He is trying to better show his emotions through his texts. He is saying he is sorry, because he really wants to spend more time with you. It has nothing to do with manliness.

  • Probably because it's hard to convey tone in just text only, thus smileys are attempts to so what tone the message.

    As for his apologies, I guess he feels guilty or something lol.

  • He probably thinks you like it.

    Or he was P-whipped into writing like that by previous GF.

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  • He probably likes you. What's wrong with smilies? They're just a colon and a curve!... Well, so it every man I suppose. But not the point, just enjoy.

  • Being nice

  • i hate when people in general over-use emoticons...it's so cheesy

  • Well I sent him a pic. And he texted back nice lol

  • because he is gay duh