Why do guys use smileys and lol a lot in texts?

I have this one guy friend do this a lot and it bugs me! Whys does he do it? And he says sorry a lot in his texts to if we don't get time to hang out why?

Thanks guys!
Karion156 it's one guy.


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  • If he says sorry a lot, then he sounds a bit insecure, and wants you to know that he's sorry, and uses emoticons in a way to flirt. Each person has their own reason behind using smiley faces.

    I tend to use them to help convey what I am saying, since not just emotions but tone of voice can be hard to pick up through text alone. If I am being sarcastic, I tend to use a smiley face to show that I am being sarcastic just in case the person was thinking I was being serious. The only time I ever use any kind of smiley face as a way to show I am flirting with a girl is when I use the wink face ;) like that. If I am just using a regular :) face, then I am just trying to get across the tone of voice.