Was it a bad idea to give my boyfriend our first kiss for his birthday?

So my boyfriend as of three months ago, had a birthday and I had no idea what to give him for a present. I know A lot about him but I didn't want to overwhelm him with too big or special a gift. I made him a little friendship bracelet since he was sad he accidentally lost the previous one I made. I picked out the cutest elephant birthday card for him and wrote him a cute belated birthday wishes message. then I folded up a piece of paper in half once then once more. when you look at it it says open, then when you open it the first time I wrote out a top five reasons why I love him list. and then I said open once more...the final message said "close your eyes" and then I kissed him. he seemed happy with it and thanked me but do you think he may have been disappointed and just didn't want to say anything to hurt my feelings? sorry about how long this was.


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  • I'll admit I do think that was kinda cute and sweet, but normally I'd say that is not a good idea.

    I've seen several questions on here before asking about the idea of sex for their birthday to which I've always said no, it's not a good idea.

    In the course of yours, I think it works OK because of the sentiment more than anything. Although I have to say the idea of saying I love you (ok your list of reasons why you love him does kinda imply it) before your first kiss does have me scratching my head.

    I would normally say that the friendship bracelet is a bad idea, I wouldn't want to wear one that someone had made me for instance, however the fact that he (I'm assuming) liked the first one you made is ok.


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  • To be honest, that's actually quite sweet. It'll have made him happy, don't bother worrying about it.

  • Was it a bad idea? I don't think it was


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