How can this girl wanna go out on another date with me when she was talking about her ex for about 45 min?

Alright took a girl out on a date Thursday night; me, her, mutual friend and his date. Well I didn't do the whole movie and dinner instead we went bowling/drinking. Well the whole night seemed to be a nightmare lol, my buddy's date was asking me how long we were together and I told her we really just met last Wed, she said wow you two act like y'all have know or been together for a good while. Well to tell the truth the night didn't go so well for me she had very dark sarcasm's well, I'm putting up a front and just laughing at stuff that wasn't even funny and she starts talking about her "EX BF!" I'm like alright, good, she isn't interested in me...thank God! No! I was wrong, I'm taking her home and she starts flirting with me and stuff, at that point I'm confused. Well I take her back to her place and we say our good byes and she says "I really had a great night tonight" I said yeah me too, well I get half way down the road and she sends me a text message "I really did have a great night tonight with you" so I was just testing and I said "well if you had such a great night, I just might ask you out again" and she said "ok"...

1. Well my question is how can this girl wanna go out on another date with me when she was talking about her ex for about 45 min, I always thought that was a sign of lack of interest!

well it was a mixture, she said that he was a total dick, asshole and they have been broken up for 6 months now but she also said they are still friends but hardly ever talk...but still lol I asked her out again and she said yes.
ok it wasn't that I didn't enjoy her being there, it was the fact that she was talking about him, like I didn't ask about him or anything lol.


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  • Not everybody gets the whole idea of not talking about an Ex early in the dating process. She may not have realized that it was bothering you. She may have been trying to show you that she's over him...who knows. But the question is, beyond you really want to see her again? If the night was miserable why go through that again? If you do go out again and she starts talking about the X just politely say, I think the past is the past and should stay there. Then change the subject. Maybe she'll get the hint, if not...well that's up to you.


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  • Well, there's plenty of reasons why she might have been talking about her ex...i know when I first started dating my now husband, I would talk about my ex's as a test to see if he would bring up anything about his ex's that would give me a hint as if he still had anything for them, another thing that it might be is that she just needs someone to talk to about it, I mean, she might of had an ex that was a dick and she just needed someone to talk to. Or she might still have feelings for him, ESPECIALLY if she was saying good things about him, like, "Oh, he used to take me here before and we would have such a kickass time" or w/ well hope things go well for you either way! Good Luck!

  • she's probably not over her ex, and she's just looking at you as a rebound.


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  • Was she talking about the negative things about her EX?