Will you hang out with someone you don't like? GUYS HELP!!!

a guy asked me out for "drinks and movie"

but I don't feel in that way

should I go out with him?

as still want to be friend with him

would saying NO cut off the friendship?

much thx!

thx for all the answers xxx


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  • better be honest to prevent disappointment in the future. you don't have to say you don't like him. instead, don't be often answering his text messages or calls. just say you can't date him if he asks you for. you can like him... as a friend. and don't flirt.


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  • No, not if you don't feel that way about him. It's unintentionally misleading someone. You have the right, and obligation actually, to say no.

    It may affect the friendship in the short term, but in the long term he might come to respect you for being honest and upfront.

  • I suggest you tell him that you don't want to go out with him like that, otherwise he could keep on asking.

    You could hang out with him all you want, but as long as he knows you don't want to go out with him in that way, you should be fine.

  • If you are going to go with him, make sure you CLEARLY tell him that you don't like him that way and you just seem him as a friend and would like to remain friends.

    Tell him you would like to go as friends and nothing else.

  • So you're saying men and women CAN'T be just friends?


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