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Have you ever dated someone you met online? Be it a dating site, craigslist, Facebook, etc

I met this girl 4 days ago, and I am currently tempted to ask her out. I met her on this silly college site someone is trying to create, and we switched over to Facebook a couple days ago and have been chatting a decent amount.

Basically, I don't want to rush things and scare her off. Is 4 days enough to ask her to hang out? I mean, we both go to the same college, its not like we have to travel or anything


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  • I'm currently dating someone I met online :) its been about 4inths now and thing are going good :)... And I think after 4-5 days we planned to meet up and we met exactly a week after we started talking. So things did go quite fast .. But we had nothing to lose. I think it's best to meet up as quickly as possible, after of course making sure the other person is genuine and true, because I think it would be a bit awkward If you go a long period of time talking to someone online then meet up.. That's just me though SO 4 days, in my opinion is not too soon :) good luck


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  • I don't think it counts but once I gave a guy. My number through fb eventhough we never talked we saw each other before.nothing happened we only texted but it wasn't really weird to me since I saw him in person first.and he didn't go to my school either.

    The problem with texting/typing is you can really tell their mood or how they're saying say before you meet in person,actually have a phone conversation not over texting.

  • If you're already in the same area, go to the same school, etc. then it doesn't seem creepy or anything to me. If you think that the conversation has been going well, I think you should give it a try.


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  • I don't think 4 days is too early to ask someone to hang out in a public place.