Need a guy's thoughts on a situation...

I have known this guy for over 10 years. Our parents even know each other. Dated for a short while in high school. Then he joined the army. Didn't see him for years and saw him at a bar again one night. We initiated something again but lost touch when he went back to service. Saw him again about 3 years ago he was married. Recently we began talking again ( he and I are both in the middle of separate divorces. I felt like this might be my last chance to get his attention and took it. He seems very receptive but with caution as his separation is much more recent than mine. I have secretly had feelings for him since we dated in high school. He's the only guy I have constantly thought about. I don't want to scare him off by telling him how I really feel but I am now 31 and he's 34. You only live once and I don't want to keep this to myself anymore. I want to tell him but I am scared it's the wrong time...I feel like we have run into each other over and over again and it's for a reason..I really believe that...What do you guys think?


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  • Id tell him ,what's the worst that could happen knew a girl in the same situation and it wasn t till much latter that she told me how mush she cared by then it was to late.


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  • I would go for it. As long as your feelings are true, all you can do is tell him the truth. Maybe it just wasn't time for the two of you before. You had to experience some setbacks to really appreciate each other?..just a thought. And good luck!