Online dating for the average looking guy?

What do you girls think about online dating if you're an average looking guy? I know I tried it and sent out at least 50 personalized emails and never had any responses. I don't know if the girls just wait for the hottest guy they can get or what but what is your opinion on online dating? Should I give it another try?


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  • I couldn't recommend it unless you're model gorgeous. And even THEN, you'll come up short.

    Because dating online is like fishing in a stocked pond.

    Even if you hook something, it will ALWAYS be a less than impressive catch.

    Never anything to brag to your friends about.


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  • Personally I dn't take online dating seriously. I would feel as if I'm desperate. It seems like a game of lies & who can get layed the fastest. I think you're better off taking chances in person. Then again it could have been the dating site. Perhaps you need a quality dating site & be more confident. Google: Best Places to Meet singles or Best Cities to Date In


What Guys Said 1

  • From experience I don't think its worth it. your better off in reality. Because on the internet women who barely make the line of average tend to have options from all the other desperate guys constantly messaging her.