Why do women feel that men have to do everything?

Why is it that men HAVE to make the first move? Why is it MEN have to let YOU know WE are interested? WHY is it MEN have to pay for the dates that you ALLOW us to take you on (then you judge us if the date was GOOD ENOUGH or not)? In this age of "feminism" isn't about time YOU GIRLS got off your butts?


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  • because she's really pretty (and you're ugly) and lots of other guys hit on her and will do those things if you don't. Therefore, she can watch you risk-free like a TV show. If you're boring, have too many commercials, or require a subscription fee, she'll change channels to one of the hundred other free ones.

    And then the tables turn when she loses her physical beauty...


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  • You must have just had an experience, or quite a few of experiences...but realize that not all women are like that. Some women I have met will make the first move, and I have made the first move a enough times in my life (i'm married now, but I'm referring to before). Many women feel that the first few dates the man is suppose to pay for them, I don't personally feel this way, I'm a hard working woman and I can pay for my own and handle my own, but there are also gold diggers, I've seen a lot of those in big cities ha!

    Also where are you meeting these women at? If you meet a woman in a club and think that she's not going to try and take your money, then get a reality check.

    If you meet an attractive woman in the community, at her job, or church(if you are religious), then you might find yourself running into a decent lady.

    Some women don't like to make the first move and some do, that hasn't changed in the last 3,000 years and I don't think its going to change today, tomorrow, or next year, so you can choose to sit back and watch the girl of your dreams walk right by you, or you can make yourself apparent and try to engage in some sort of relationship with her, I mean common the worst she can say is "No". and if she does, then silently say, "Fu** you" and move on to the next pretty momma!

    • I have no prob in the dating area. I am just sick and tired or hearing of equal rights and at same time women refusing to ask guys out, insist we pay and then bitch about how "boring" or cheap a guy was. I am speaking for the men who are tired of this behavoir (not all men). I have been on dating sprees that would put me out every night of the week in search for someone that I felt I was compatable wit, and the end of the wk spending over $300 at least. That is why I am frust. with mock womens lib

    • Try not going on such expensive dates, a lot of women today though just want to go on the dates where you spend money on them. You might be speaking for men who are tired of this behavior, but not all women are like this and the women who do act like this give us women who work damn hard for our money a bad name. I have never asked a man to pay for me, and I have always offered to pay for myself, and in most instances have. but there are women out there who will hit on guys just most will not

    • You are very right, but even if you keep it to$40 a date, after a week or so of dating, it gets expensive finding the wearer of the glass slipper :)

  • Not all women think like this. Personally, I have never had problems coming up to a guy if I thought that guy was interesting. I always paid for my share or at least paid for the next date if he paid for the pervious one.

    • Even with they "hey we can go dutch", a real man would feel wrong for taking your money. If you were to say "hey, I am into you and I am taking YOU out tonight". That would be great and I am sure it would begin a great relationship where he doesn't feel like the world is on his shoulders

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    • Lol, well I am glad that you have set me straight with the fact that I am absolutely wrong. wait, is there even a "chance" that I am right? if so I am not absolutely wrong :)

    • Absolutely wrong in my experience as far as my fiance and I go. Actually I was this way with all the men I dated. They didn't seem to mind and in fact most liked it.

  • I feel your pain,cos I have 3 brothers.But let me say my opinion.

    I agree with you when you said about to pay for everything.These days life is not easy,so I don't think the guy should pay for everything!

    There are things in life wich are about being a gentleman.U know what that means? A gentleman likes to treat a girl like a lady-it means..he makes the first step,he shows interest,and so on. It does not mean that a girl should ignore all those things to make him to feel uncomfortable.If he gaves her flowers,or a little present,it feels just very good.But if you don't want,u DON'T HAVE TO.It's up to you.

    • Lol, I love how women are quick to point out all the responsibilities of a gentleman, but hardly mention the requirements or responsibilities of a lady

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    • A lady is the female eqiuivilant of a gentleman. plain and simple

    • I know what "lady" means,lol. :)

  • WOOAAAHH. no need for the capitals, we got the point, you're pissed off with women. But, you must of just had a slight experience, I mean, every date I've been on, I insist paying my part of the bill. Although I do admit, I don't make the first move, but that's got nothing to do with me thinking men have to do everything, it's because I'm really shy, and think I look like an idiot when I make the first move on people, all women are different, they will all expect different things off men, really it depends on how traditional they are, or on the other hand, how selfish and big-headed they are. Personally, I don't accept any type of gifts or generosity on dates, but in a relationship; that's different. I do a lot, and am my own person, and if I was confident enough, I'd make the first move. But, you might meet a girl that refuses to make first moves because she thinks she's too good for that, and doesn't pay for dates because she thinks that that's something " a man pays for", because traditionally, they did.


    • I understand that all women are different but you can see a "trend" even on here. "i don't know if he is into me ......what do I do?"

    • Yeah, of course there is a trend, because a lot of women still haven't got out of the traditional ways yet. But just realise, there are some girls out there that do go on about equal rights, yet actually do see themselves as equal, if you get that annoyed by "traditional" girls, then just ignore them, and find the extreme feminist ones.

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  • haha I don't know, but if I see women chanting their theme song "single ladies" by beyonce and then asking me for my time and money, I'm gonna snap...haha. I can't stand beyonce