Why Does It Always Happen?

Ok so every time I like a guy the same thing tends to happen. I tend to like guys who are really cute and charming and lots of girls like them. And the guy will show interest in me and you know get my number, text me, call me, hang out with me, invite me over. And everything will seem to be going really well, and everyone will tell me he def likes me and we're so cute together, la la la. And then out of no where it just stops. He stops calling, texting, answering texts.. and then that's it. We never talk again. So what's going on? Why does it keep happening?

Ok like I know it's not my personality... because I feel like you guys are saying my personality must suck because they got bored... but it def wasn't that because I always got along well with them , and we'd always be laughing and we always had fun...
I kinda think it was more of the fact that they were players... because they kinda always tend to be... so I'm pretty sure that's why... thanks anyways though :)


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  • If you like guys that a lot of girls like, then he probably has a number of different options. You can call it a date or just hanging out, but you got interviewed. It could be that he was just after sex and then stopped contact after he got it. It could also be that he simply found another candidate more appealing.

    I see many girls that want a guy to treat them nicely, etc. but these are all needs that the guys needs to fulfill for the girl. Requiring these needs make these girls similar to each other. How are you different? What do you do for him?


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  • If you laughed at had fun, were you the one cracking jokes and providing fun or him? It's a serious question and will let you know who's getting something out of it--you, him, or both. A stand-up comic can make a lot of people laugh and have a good time, but if they didn't give him money, he wouldn't really be getting anything out of it.

    • I would say most of the time we're both laughing... like the last guy was so hilarious... but I made jokes too and he laughed a lot too... yeah def because we would text and I'd joke and he'd lol and joke back... it was both

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    • Hm...ok well I mean I'm not like a crazy game player... but I guess maybe the guys I pick tend to play games... so I play them back...but like seriously most guys play games...atleast the ones I've liked... so I have to play them back...and it's also those things that make me interested in a guy...like I never want a guy who is throwing himself at me... and a little mystery is fun...and I feel like guys prob think the same way...

    • And I mean clingy like texting every sec and showing 2 much interest, then it seems like ur too obsessive and it gets boring. Even I wouldn't want a guy doing that all the time...

  • So please, tell me, what do you go for a guy like that? There are other guys out there I am sure that are worthy of your time.

    To put it bluntly, he's bored of you. He's got you and he's bored. Next!

    • Based on that comment I suspect more is to come.

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    • Maybe its just destined to give in to them

    • Jeez...ur kinda mean...

      but no I don't think its destined

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  • I think you answered your own question in your last update: they're players. Once they got your attention they're ready to move on. So next time try playing a little harder to get.