I asked her if she liked anyone, is this bad?

I've been talking to this girl I took her on a date, the first date went really well, we held hands, talked about a lot of stuff, etc. The second time we hung out we went to dinner with one of her friends and he friends boyfriend. While we were at dinner one of the guys that her friend knew came up and tried hitting on her, then they told her that she should hook up with him. At this point, I was a bit worried. So the next day I texted her asking if she liked that guy, She said no because she didn't really know him, then I asked her if she liked anyone and she didn't respond to my text. Was this a bad move on my part? and is there any way I can fix it? Thanks.


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  • Well be nonchantant and yourself but you should really ask if she LIKES YOU! It's more important don't waste your time


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  • You asking her if she liked that guy/anyone probably came off pretty weak and needy. So yeah. Bad move. Sorry man, but it probably did.