Reschedule a date=not interested?

He said he made a mistake on his schedule and had volleyball (he told me he played on a team before). He asked to reschedule and I said sure...but he never gave another time or date. WTF?!

This was supposed to be our first date. What are my moves now- if any? Why wouldn't someone offer another time or date when canceling? My take is that he isn't really interested in me and stringing me along.


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  • At this point too soon to say absolutely he is not interested. Sometimes it just means he needs to reschedule. It happens. A guy makes an arrangement, and either something comes up or he forgot about a prior engagement. Even happens with women.

    Ask him when would be a good time. He might need to find a good time so he doesn't have to reschedule again.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Setting a clear time and place = high interest

    Cancelling a date but not setting clear time/place for the next date = no interest

  • Give him some time...

    • His number is already deleted. I have no problem getting a date and an not playing to games when people aren't upfront. DUMB.

What Girls Said 1

  • Do nothing.

    Let him make the move if he is going to.

    Some guys do this because they want girls to chase them. It's a game.

    • eff that. I don't chase men for dates. I didn't offer up a time or date, he can do that!