How to I get over the fear of dating guys?

Im 18 and my first experience with a guy was fwb. I was in love with him, but he fooled me around with others. It really broke my heart. People say I'm very pretty, charming and nice person. It's not like I have something that would pull a guy away. I get approached a lot, but I'm so scared to open myself since what happened, I can't trust any guy. I think they'll just break my heart again. So this kind of cute guy asked me to go to the prom with him and I told him yes. he told me I'm cute and nice and he'd like to get to know me. He was very direct with the approach. Should I be direct and honest with him too? Should I be simple with him? He hangs out with other kids from our school and I kind of don't really like them, they're all popular and conceited. But this guy seems cool and different than them. He's easy going and very energetic. But I'm still not comfortable enough to walk up to him in school and talk and we already have plans to go to the prom but I'm still not making a progress to let him know about me. Do you think he was maybe just messing with me when he asked me to the prom?


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  • Well the fact that he was a an friends with benefits should tell you something right there. Any guy that is going to use you for sex is not a good guy. I don't understand why girls think that they can get guys to like them by having sex with them.

  • well ill tell you this not all guys are the same and I doubt that he was just messing with you when he asked you to prom some guys ruin it for us all lol


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