Why wouldn't you text a girl back?

i met this guy, I asked him for his fb and his number. he said he wasn't searchable on fb, so he gave me his number and told me to text him. I did, he didn't answer. it's been 5 hours. what should I do?

thanks guys..when should I say its safe to say he isn't texting back and give up on him?


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  • I know someone who made out with a girl at a party when he was incredibly drunk and ignored the texts to try and cause less awkwardness I guess. He either didn't get it or is very busy... Or he's not interested. Send him another one in a day or two or try calling even if you want, texts aren't always reliable and when I had a sh*tty phone certain people couldn't get mine..

    • meh idk, put him out of mind get on with your life and check tomorrow. If anything try a call because honestly sometimes texts don't get sent.. I had an 'INQ' phone that was awful..


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  • Well it can be ton of things,he is maybe busy or something... You could try text him again tomorrow or the next day,and if he don't answer at all again,i guess it's safe to say to give it up...

  • 5 hours... maybe he is in the middle of something who knows.


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