I tell you when I'm free?

i texted this guy if he wanted to hang out he replied back with I will let you know when I'm free and started asking where the place was where I asked him to hang out. does he not want to hang out with me? we have gone out twice and yesterday he asked me if he was lucky enough to see me soon and I replied the days I'm free, now it seems he doesn't want to see me anytime soon with his last response.

two days ago the guy text me asking where I was when I asked him to hang out. why does he want to know? I mean I asked him to hang out 2 days ago he said he can't so why ask where I was when I sent him the text this guy is so confusing me!
well he texted me today to meet up just to see each other, he explained that his been 2 busy but he asked me to call him some time and he asked me if I was free thurs so we can hang out


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  • He may be wants to slow things from moving faster.Dont get worried miss.He might the slow type and so just relax your nerves and wait to see what happens with him.He will resume with you soon but he just not resolved on what to do.


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  • probably wants to see if you'd want to hang out with him.


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  • sorry but you seem a little over-eager to "hang out" with him again. trust me, I've been there. just wait a few days either for him to bring it up or for you to bring it up again, like text him something like he must be really busy nowadays.

  • answer with yeah definatley!

    ..not just when I'm free.

    guys wanna make sure you're really into them

    • Yes after sending him a list of days I am free I regretted it after I should of been straight with him and said yes but I do not get him, cause the next day I invited him some where and he just text I will tell you when I am free as if his saying when I am free you can do all the inviting you want.

    • He doesn't wanna sound tooo intersested now either since you weren't very excited. he's playin it cool