He texted multiple times today and we're going on our 2nd date tomorrow?

Is this too eager? I met him on Monday and he texted me the next day asking to go out Friday. Then I texted him Thursday night and we talked for a while and then the next day we had our date which went amazingly. Today I texted him thanking him for our time and he offered to go out with me again and I said I was free anytime except Tuesday so he picked tomorrow so I'm really excited. We basically texted all day planning it and then had a three hour break and now he just texted me again. Is that okay or should I not respond?

yea he's too cute :)


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  • If you like him and like talking to him/texting him then just go for it. Hardest thing ever, but try not to overthink it! He probably just really likes you. :)


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  • Seems a bit desperate, but he's giving you attention, why does anything else matter?

  • What would not responding do? This sounds like it's too much for you, given that you're asking it, so you should take some time to respond, tell him you're busy, give him the hint that the world isn't ending today and he has time lol


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