Got a girl's number. Now what? Some help for my pathetic a*ss?

I Somehow managed to get this beautiful girl number without it being painfully awkward lol. I waited a little over half an hour (the whole time trying to think of what to send lol). I ended up just saying it's me and here is my number and let me know if you want to study sometime :). Nothing fancy and she sent one back confirming she got my what? Should I wait until tomorrow to text her? Should I send her a good morning text or something? Also, Should I sit next to her Wednesday when we have class?

Shes really pretty but for some reason I hardly ever see her talking to guys but I'm sure there must be a few guys trying to chase her including me. but I know that at least she's attracted to me physically since she is the one who started with they eye contact and smiles but I still got a hint of shyness in me and I don't have any dating experience.

Any help is appreciated!


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  • you can have a conversation with her now. wait until tomorrow


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  • Really, you can text her for a while if you want. Maybe get the feel of each other for a few days, see how interested she is. But honestly, she gave you her number which clearly means she's not opposed to talking to you. If you're feeling brave, go ahead and call her. Ask her out. It's way classier than asking via text.

  • Girls love to be surprised. Casually talk to her in class and say " You know if you would like too I would love to take you out." be spontaneous, we like that stuff.

  • dont over think anything. text her when you feel the want or need to. can be tonight or tomorrow. There is no right or wrong time


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  • Actually pick up the phone and call her the next time you want to set up a date. No one seems to do that anymore and it goes a long way in separating you from the flock. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just "hey it's jz, I'm studying tomorrow at noon, want to come join me? Okay, great, bye". That's it. So simple anyone who can talk is able to do it.

    And no don't text her good morning or none of that. Not yet anyways. You'll overwhelm the poor girl. Start slow and pick up pace as time goes on. Sit next to her in your class. Talk to her that way. Then maybe start the odd text conversation. But keep it light at first. Don't be one of those guys who proclaims his love for a girl after a week. You'll scare her off

    Also don't just associate with her through school. Take her out one day after class and buy her lunch off campus or something. Diversify her experiences with you.

    • Okay I will call her tommorow and try to set something up. If she doesn't answer should I just send a text saying what you said I should say?

    • If she doesn't pick up and it goes to voice mail you leave a message saying "hey, its jz. Obviously you're not picking up right now so I'll try again later" and then hang up. And try again later.

      If she doesn't answer the second time don't leave another message. I might consider it okay to try it via text after that, she could be incredibly shy, but even then I dunno. I'd prefer it in person if that's the case. Make it seem a spur of the moment thing. Do the after class lunch thing or somethin