Did I ruin my chances with her?

I set a date with her, but I still have to confirm the details. However, the last time we saw each other (which was after we set the date), we ignored each other. I probably should have come up and say hey, but I wanted to play it cool since I basically declared my interest the previous week. So I didn't want to ruin the atmosphere for the actual date. Now I'm afraid she'll think I acted weird and cancel when I confirm the details with her.


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  • do you have her #, just text her and say, "hey we still up for the date?"


What Guys Said 1

  • maybe not ruined, but if you see a person you're going on a date with wouldn't you at least say hi? that might make you not look so good.

    • Like I said, I thought playing it cool was the right way to go here.