What gift would you offer to a boyfriend you ve been dating for 1-2 months?

his birthday is in November and by that time hopefully we would be dating 2 months. I am thorn between filling his room/place with a reasonable amount of candles, or write a card in his language and read it to him. For instance I am out of ideas and I anticipate. Any ideas? Thank you in advance


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  • Tickets to his favorite band/musician.

    • for instance I don't know any :( and he is not really a fan of something. I should have said that he will be turning 28, if that helps/

    • Maybe you can make his favorite dinner/dessert? Food is always a winner lol

    • the thing is that there is still a month left and I don't know if he will chose it to be something just between the two of us or in company of closest friends. Nonetheless, I should get him something memorable I guess, but not too expensive. I thought of something more personal , the most difficult part is to find that something "personal"


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  • What kind of things do you know he likes?

    • some food, good wine, relatively long walks, cheerful music, me :)))

  • Dildo !


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  • I always get something practical for anyone. So if he needs something specific or drops hints of something he wants listen closely and then pick that up for him. My one ex said he needed to get a new black zip up hoodie so I bought him one for Christmas. He was surprised I actually listened.