Why do guys take forever to text back?

My boyfriend is the absolute worst texter and I hate it!

He almost always has his phone, because when I'm with him he is texting a lot. So why does it often take 30 min, an hr, 2 hrs to text me back?!

It's been like this since the day I met him, it's not like a change, it's just the way he is. but I wanna know why he does this to me when I am pretty sure he responds quickly when making plans with his guy friends?


Most Helpful Guy

  • That's how guys are - texting is an asynchronos form of communication, like email. You reply when you want, or when you have something to say

    If you want an instant reply, make a phone call.

    He may respond quickly when he's making plans with his guy friends, but that's a completely different situation. Guys (when they do text) are minimalists. Ask question, get answer, hang up.

    I doubt your texts are anything like that. You want a conversation, not the time you're meeting at the local bar.