Why do guys take forever to text back?

My boyfriend is the absolute worst texter and I hate it!

He almost always has his phone, because when I'm with him he is texting a lot. So why does it often take 30 min, an hr, 2 hrs to text me back?!

It's been like this since the day I met him, it's not like a change, it's just the way he is. but I wanna know why he does this to me when I am pretty sure he responds quickly when making plans with his guy friends?


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  • That's how guys are - texting is an asynchronos form of communication, like email. You reply when you want, or when you have something to say

    If you want an instant reply, make a phone call.

    He may respond quickly when he's making plans with his guy friends, but that's a completely different situation. Guys (when they do text) are minimalists. Ask question, get answer, hang up.

    I doubt your texts are anything like that. You want a conversation, not the time you're meeting at the local bar.


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  • why do you have a time response expectation to a text? was this a deal of some sort. we could discuss further but some of us do not live our lives by text. especially if working.

  • That's a quick responder amongst guys. It is the guy's responsibility to slow down the relationship for the good of the relationship. Guys do this to define the boundaries of their space and thus provide a comfortable pace to their interactions with you. I never text a girl I am dating while I'm at work because I don't want her to think it's okay because it isn't. It's disruptive and would lead to frustration that I would have to repress or discuss with her.

  • I know for me a lot of times that I keep it on vibrate, so if I'm focused on something, a lot of the time I don't notice it. Even with the ring on. He's probally playing games or something

  • Because we are too stupid to give a quick response we have to think thinks through lol

  • look ...guys generally aren't fans of texting and texting only because girls prefer it so if your boyfriend's baddest thing is this then you have a great one and here is a tips :

    Don't try to change any thing about it because you will only get yourself in trouble ^_*

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  • Just not interested in talking to you.

  • My boyfriend is the same way. He has mentioned he isn't much of a texter, though. He also doesn't have his phone wih him 24/7. He pays attention to me when we're together, so I could care less if it takes him longer than most people, to text back.