How do you know a girl wants to kiss you?

I've never been kissed, but I'm going on a first date with a semi-friend soon and I know that I'll need to kiss her on this date or she'll just see me as a friend.


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  • It's actually easier than it looks, when you lean on her to kiss her or she'll close her eyes to kiss you (you score) or she'll lean back to avoid a kiss (better luck next time).

    Judging by your age group (18-24) most girls usually expect kissing on the first date so you should be fine.

    • I'm 23 and she's 25, if that makes a difference as it's the higher end of that age group.

    • In general younger women are much more hornier and less as they age. Although every woman is different the leaning in test you can still apply it.

      Just don't force the kiss it may be awkward for her. Let it the right moment come on it's own and then you go for it.


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  • I know she wants to kiss me when she stops fighting back.

  • it shouldn't really matter when she wants to kiss you, if you wanna kiss her you just do it

  • It's not that hard to figure out - if a girl really wants to kiss you she would get herself drunk, act all tipsy, and then try to smuggle a kiss. Basically she would make it easy for you and you would know when the time comes.