Uninterested or playing games?

I've been hanging out with this girl for a month. We did something together at least once a week, and talked everyday. Since last weekend though the conversations have been short and sometimes she doesn't even respond if I text. She was frustrated because I was not showing I was "into her." The only time we have talked is online, which she starts. But when I try by texting she doesn't respond. And she said she was busy this weekend so we couldn't do anything. Should I just stop calling and texting, but then I think she would think I'm uninterested. I also don't want to constantly be texting. Maybe once a day? So what should I do?


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  • Busy doing what exactly? If she really wasn't then she is for sure uninterested. Ignoring texts? Girls don't really do that. I would stop calling and texting, she'll either realize that she wants you to start texting and calling again (if she likes you)...so she will try talking to you again. If she doesn't text or call after a couple days, you know that she has lost interest. Don't waste time with her or her games. But I'd say she's most likely uninterested all of a sudden. Or something could be upsetting her lately.

  • Continue to text and call her, or else she'll think you're not "into her" for sure, especially after telling you how much it frusterated her. She'll also think you don't care about her feelings. You're probably playing mind games too and don't even know it. ;) Instead of resisting the temptation to text her often, go with the feeling and do it. Things should go back to normal in no time for the both of you if you just take my small piece of advice. :)


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