Girls, is this true for those who won't date virgin guys?

"Most girls who are afraid to date virgins past a certain age think that way because they're afraid that having sex will make him attached faster/deeper and not know the difference between liking her as a person and just being really, really grateful for finally getting laid."

So is this true or false ladies?


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  • Well...seeing as I am a virgin and I want to marry a virgin...nope! I'd be all over a virgin guy. Assuming he was within my age range of course. I'm going to assume that the virgin I marry will genuinely like me because he won't be getting any until we're married lol


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  • I think the less experience a man has the more attracted I am to him. But the being attached thing can happen no matter how many people you have had sex with.

  • Well, I am a virgin myself but I can kind of relate to this when I date a guy who hasn't been in a relationship before. Sometimes I wonder if they're really into me or they like the idea of having a girlfriend in general.

  • Personally I would say false. I would be more attracted to a guy who has less experience. As for him getting attached really fast though... that could happen whether or not it was his first time.


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