Girl extends first date, then rejects a second date?

Well the question pretty much sums it up. Me and this girl went out to dinner...we were having a good time so we decided to extend the date. Then I try to set up a second date but she ignored me.

How could this happen? What is going on with her? Maybe she is super busy/doesn't have her phone with her. But it's been a whole day. She should have seen my missed call and voice mail...


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  • Well, I'll try to play devil's advocate and see both sides. It is possible she's busy, but I've also known women to play hard to get to keep the guy wanting them. Sometimes when women act too eager, the guys take off. So maybe she's just giving it a day to play hard to get.

    To see the other side, I was always told that if someone wanted to be with me, that person would make it happen, regardless of games.

    I wouldn't say after just a day to assume it's done, but if she ignores you for the next several days, I personally would take that badly.

    I think give it some more time, but I definitely wouldn't try to contact her again, you've tried, and now just relax and let her respond. If she does, wonderful, if not, her loss.

    I hope good things happen :-)


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  • been a whole day? ha ha its a day. she probally has work or something. id wait like three days

    ps when I miss a call, an I'm busy ill see it an forget an I never check my voice mail, try again tomarrow

    • If it's from some random person you can forget. But if it's a guy you like? There's no way you'd forget. You'd think about him later and remember the call. She saw it...there's no doubt about that. Nobody goes a whole day without checking their phone. And if she "forgot" to respond, she isn't that interested :/

  • Who knows. You should ask her. If she brushes it off yet Carry's on the same way, then ditch her.

  • Yeah sorry ...welll it usually means when they don't answer you its because their not interested anymore. Try calling her two more times maybe see what happens .

    • I understand that... but why would she want to extend the date, thank me, hug me, and say she had a good time if she didn't have plans to see me again? Makes no sense...

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    • there be others :)

    • That's the thing... I've tried hard to find someone else that compares to that one girl and I haven't even seen someone like her. She was the most amazing thing to happen to me, and I honestly don't know if I can find someone remotely similar...

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  • Don't extend the first several dates... Always leave them wanting something more...

    • Dude, if extending the date 30 minutes to get ice cream sent her running, I didn't have a chance long term anyway. Extending the date was so we could get to know each other more and apparently she didn't like what she saw.