Guys: Had a first date, now what?

I had a drink with a guy (first date which he set up) and it went really well. I proposed we should meet again. He said he was busy the rest of the week but would text me next week. It's been 4 days and no word. He just moved to the city and is about to start school. I liked him and would like to see him again. Should I text him midweek if I don't hear from him and find out if he is still interested in that drink? Or is he just not interested if he doesn't contact me?


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  • Or he could just be busy? You have his number, call him and find out. People who remain passive in the dating game usually get left behind.

    • Thanks. WHat would you propose I say?

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    • I was thinking something more during the week but whichever

    • It isn't an exact science. If he's interested but busy, he can always suggest another date/time/venue.

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