Online dating, I really hate it?

Ok, I am on a paid online dating site, not sure why... well maybe its because I'm really shy and that is the best way for me to meet new people to date. Anyway, I'm still shy on online dating so it doesn't help, I rarely send out emails or IM's first which I more then likely should. I have gotten some cute girls email me, not many but some however they are from longs way's away, all the time and I'm not looking for a long distance relationship. I find it very difficult, specially when girls I'm not attracted to, (don't mean to sound shallow) email me or I'm me on the site. I'm nice and will talk to them, but they always take that as if I'm interested, then I end up feeling bad because they always tend to move so fast. Anyway, it seems like its filled with girls that have been hurt pretty bad and really need some healing and girls that just move too fast and you want to run away. It stinks and to me worse then real dating and I thought it might be more easy.


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  • It does stink. Guys either move way too fast (ONS types) or are completely non-responsive after the "wow, you're so gorgeous I'm surprised you're on here" -- which is no help at all, really.



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  • you can not entertain the girls your not interested in, your loosing time, and your waisting they're time.


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  • Then find and message girls you want,

  • for me I hate how guys have to make themselves stand out way more than girls do when it comes to online dating