Should I text a guy first when I had not contacted him for years.

I had a crush on this guy for 2 years while I was still studying in school. I used to be very shy and I never talked to him in the 4 years we were studying together. 2 years ago I added him in Facebook and he accepted my request. Since then we wish each other on our birthday . I just downloaded whatsapp and I saw him in my favorites list. Should I send him a text ? Or would it seem weird ? ( I am already in university and its been many years since I saw him too ) ...

Oh and his birthday is coming up in a few days ... Would that be a good time to text him, ?


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  • No it wouldn't seem weird, you would seem a lot weirder if you didn't try to make contact, because then guys just think there's something socially wrong with you,x


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  • Well he probably won't text you lol, give it a shot!


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  • Heck yeah I would! I'm wanting to call a guy I had liked in the past as well and just haven't summoned up the courage to do it yet.

    Contact him, be really pleasant and cool about it, say Hey! How are you? What's up?