First time "dating" and I already feel weird, is this normal?

So, I met this guy last weekend in the Pub. We talked, we made out, and we exchanged numbers. He told me he will call me, and as he never did, I decided to text him. He told me he tried to call me, but apparently I gave him a wrong number. He called me, a couple of hours later. It was awkward as hell. Okay, I forgot to mention I'm 18 but I've never been in a date before. We didn't had any silence pauses, and the conversation was okey, but I started to feel weird, scared. I dont't know if it/s because it/s the first time I talk with a guy in that way, or because he is 8 years older than me, or just because I have the feeling this is not going to work.

So having this feelings or emotions is normal? Should I give him a try, or just ignore him?


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  • 8 years is an eternity at your age. Especially since you're not experienced, this guy is probably only trying to take advantage of you.

    It's never a good idea to meet guys at the pub! Going there with your guy is fine, but meeting someone's not good policy!


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  • I'd be scared if a 26-year old guy was hitting on me and I were an 18-year old girl, lol. What's wrong with women his age?

    • I didn't talked to him because he was older, actually, I thought he was in her early 20's.

    • I mean why is he talking to you? I'm 22 and the youngest I would dates is 19.

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  • Be aware that older men are more experienced at dating. So as never dating previously, he'd probably teach you all the tricks of the trade (some girls like experiences kissers and such). But he may also be skilled at manipulating girls younger then him, which you need to be careful. If you're feeling gut feelings, listen to them. Try to discern where it is coming from.

    If you wanna give it a try, go for it. But be on guard. Tell him the pace YOU want to go and see if he respects it. If you know other people who know this guy, find outside information on him (to ensure he isn't a creeper).

    One reason why the phone call the next day felt awkward may have been because you guys made-out after first meeting one another. When you recieved the call you may have realized that he is equivalent to a stranger, and making out the first night 'can be' moving too fast (for me it definitely would be).

    If you're interested in him, take it slow.

  • i would ignore it