How do you respond when he/she is saying "he/she is cute or hot"

how do you respond when someone you are crushing on, someone you are in a relationship with or dating openly expresses how attractive some else is?

for example a girl I was on a couple of dates with told me that one of our mutual friends was "cute"...almost telling me this like I was one of her girlfriends... another time we were playing video games and she called one of the characters "sexy"...

sometimes I just stay quiet. sometimes I do it right back at them and do the same thing. I usually try my best to not act jealous or offended.

do you feel you are being tested or that person is hinting disinterest towards you?


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  • My boyfriend does it to me, it got to a point were he was saying it about everyone.. but never once complimented me so I made a point about it. He said he didn't realize he was doing it and didn't mean it in a weird way! I do it now just because I can, but I don't over do it.. Just if I find a celebrity attractive I'll say. Once I did say his friend was fit, just to piss him off as he said it about mine! I think it's to test you sometimes, to make you think there's competition so they don't want you thinking they're just so wrapped up in you. It's a jealously thing !


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  • If someone freely expresses their attraction to someone, it's probably just because they are comfortable around you and don't mind telling you these things. They just like to express themselves, it's just an opinion, doesn't mean they aren't attracted to you!

  • One guy that I used to date does that all the time. He said my older sisters (their twins) are hot, and my best friends were hot, too. I think he was doing it to get under my skin, he also hates it when I talk about my guy friends so I guess it's because she wants to make you jealous.


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  • never happened to me