What to Do/Say at a First Date? :)

Okay, so I asked a girl out yesterday, and she said yes :D

So I'm taking her to a local cafe. This is my first date with her, and I really don't know what to say or do. Basically, after school, we're going to walk to the coffee shop (it's a 40 min walk, or a 20 min bus ride.. which one should I do?), and then we're going to the shop and grab a bite for like 30 minutes.. Then I don't know what's going to happen after that.. Is that a good plan?

And what should I say/do while walking? I'm pretty sure I'm going to burn out on conversation, and it's going to awkward after the one hour mark.

Thanks guys! We ended up going to a different cafe closer by, and all went well!


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  • 1) ask her what she wants to do as far as walking/bussing it. but if she says I don't mind, then you make the choice.

    2) let the convo ebb and flow... ask her questions, tell her about yourself, let her ask you questions. If you are walking (not sure what scenery is like) perhaps point out things that are pretty or interesting.

    3) As far as what happens after the cafe, give her a choice. Like after your time is up, if you are enjoying it, you can say something like "hey, I probably need to let you get back to school, but would love to walk you back if you would like." (make whatever suggestion you like, but this gives her a chance to keep doing something, or call it quits, or call it quits with a reason.)

    Just be you, I am sure it will be cool. Good luck.


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  • As an advice, of course you are curious to know everything about her and have lots of questions for her. Just don't ask them as if she is at a job interview, like simply firing random questions at her. It is a major turn off! Other than that, just let things flow and have fun! She is a girl, but she is also human, so don't overwork yourself with thinking what you have to do with a 'girl' :). The walk is a bit long, unless the path is nice and weather is nice and warm.

  • 1way 40 minute walk is pretty long...


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  • A bus is not a good idea for your date, especially since they are crowded and full of smelly people.

    A 40 minute walk is too long, as well. Go somewhere where you can walk 15 minutes to, and then you walk 15 minutes after.

  • Google it, there's loads of good advice there

    I would answer you but I think there's quite a few good pointers on those articles(There might even be a first date article here on GAG)