What if your girlfriend doesn't resemble your favorite actress?

Lets say your dating someone or casually talking with someone your interested in about celebrities and they ask who is your favorite actress or who is the most sexiest. Its not a problem discussing with friends, but if your dating someone and they don't really resemble her/him or share some distinct features that can make them feel envious and self-conscious (ex. Why is he dating me then?).

For me, Kat Dennings link stands out as being really sexy to me, but its not like I've seen all the movies she's been in nor do I really follow her in celebrity news (I don't have Twitter). I just want to know from others the best way to answer this question while reassuring the girl I'm with that she's still beautiful to me.


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  • I agree that a mature adult shouldn't get upset over something like that.

    My boyfriend looks nothing like the famous people I drool over, and I think that's what makes him special, I couldn't dream of anybody like him before I actually met him. Plus maybe it'd feel a little offensive to think your girlfriend only noticed you because she likes blondes or something.


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  • If you don't want to risk making her feel insecure, pick someone who you like for their acting skills rather than their looks. Then you can discuss their talent and you don't even have to broach the subject of what you find attractive. If your girlfriend specifically wants to know what celebrities you are attracted to, well, she is just asking for trouble unless she knows she can handle it. But if you really want to avoid conflict, you could always choose an actress who looks similar to her, even if it's a bit of a fabrication.

  • Most of the time I say I don't know can't think of any. But since you're a guy that doesn't really work for you. lol. I would just tell her that you can't remember her name and you think she was in the move ------- and that's about it and maybe you could say the wrong title and if she looks it up and says there is no such movie tell her you don't know but if you saw her again you would know. hope it helps

  • Unless you happen to look like her favorite actor, I think its fair to be honest about this.

    Adults (should) be capable of recognizing the difference between the glamorized celeb world and the one you actually live in. Having a favorite celeb is a lot having a favorite character from a book or movie; its a projected image for entertainment that will probably never come into your real life.

    There are a lot of people who are sexy and/or beautiful to me who look nothing like each other. Your girlfriend not looking like Kat shouldn't be a problem. Be candid and don't instantly be apologetic for her not looking like a celeb. Maybe ask her the same question to even it out.

  • Um, I personally would not care. If your girlfriend isn't the type of person who can hear that you find other women attractive, I guess just avoid any conversations altogether.


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  • The only solution is to make your favorite actress your gf.