If you are 19 (or were 19) would you date a 16 year old girl?

OK what if they worked with you and you were their supervisor, or would you consider it?


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  • Nope, as even by asking the girl might report me for sexual harassment. Guys have to deal with these things, girls don't. Not to mention, I'm an adult and she's a minor. I could get in some really serious trouble. There's no way I'd touch a 16 year old, even if I was attracted to her and liked her.

    • Wow so the UK is somewhat novelty in 16 being legal then it seems... I've always thought of it as acceptable for a 16 year year old to be going with an 18 year old, a 20 year old, a 22 year old... after that it's somewhat odd. But yeah it's never been a controversial issue to me simply on account of the law of the place I'm from. I just find it weird how where I'm from there is nothing wrong with it whatsoever (technically) and yet in the US it's a terrible thing that people go to prison for.

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    • I think you're right, not going to argue. I think if a 16 year old is old enough to be considered capable of having sex with another 16 year old, she should be able to have sex with a 30 year old or anyone for that matter, as long as a teacher or some other authority figure isn't pushing her into it. Sadly, we have feminists in the U.S who have pushed up the age of consent in many places to 18, and some are even pushing to get it to 21! How crazy is that?

    • It seems that older women don't like it when older guys date younger women.


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  • It annoys me how workplace romances are often prohibited or frowned upon, because as long as there's no infidelity or law breaking going on (such as statutory), I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Besides I have heard of and read of workplace couples, in the armed forces and police force for sure and I'm sure in other lines of work.

    Anyway, yes I would. I'm 21 and I would date a 16 year old girl if I really liked her - where I'm at its legal from 16.

    • Why'd I get a thumbs down? What was it I said? I wasn't the only one here who said yeah and I didn't lie at all - where I'm at 16 year olds are legal, whether you think they should be or not. Is it really 18 in the whole of the US?

      But what about seniors in high school who have been going together (seriously) since they were 17 and 16. When the older one turns 18 and the younger is 17 that's a pretty harsh situation right there.

  • it really depend I'm thinking it be a really bad idea though , likely not going to end well . so yeah I'd likely try and avoid such drama

  • I would sure.I worked at a target and there was a girl that was 16 and I was 21 we had a connection.But and this is a huge but it is illegal and he could get arrested.Or I could have if I acted on feelings.If the feelings are real they should wait two years and then go out but that is my opinion

  • Nope, wouldn't even think about it


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