Is he about to end it?

We had a great day Sunday.. sex cuddling on the couch, he stayed for 7 hours left in an awesome mood and then spent Sunday night with his family... he is having major family issues right now...

So yesterday we talked about it all for like an hour.. ended the phone conversation with he would talk to me soon but to text him good night... no response to that...

I texted him at noon and said how are you feeling?

He said things were going good, but that he had a few things to do... I said OK call after work or wait to hear from you?

He said, "Call after work I should be clear of everything by then ummm I'll talk to you then bye"

Last part didn't sound good... never says Ummm or bye in our daily texts... I said so "That last part doesn't sound good"

His reply in his exact spelling and wording: "not bad it's just complex um a couple of things to do with me know and then I don't know how your day is going OK going well and just keep me posted I'll talk to you after work."

My reply: My day is OK adn as long as it isn't bad I'll be OK, but I have time now if you need to talk to me I hate worrying."

NO response... what am I walking into after work.. thoughts


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  • Sounds like he has a lot going on. I didn't read anything that said "this is the end". Breathe and think positive thoughts. If that's not possible keep busy with work! :)


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  • He sounds distracted and like you said is having family issues.

    When guys get like this it's important to let him know you're there for him, but that you're not smothering him or anything, don't flood him with messages or calls or stuff like that. From what you've told us it doesn't sound like there are any problems between the two of you... he sounds busy and preoccupied. The best thing you can do is to wait for things to calm down. If he comes to you for anything, be there for him.. he'll appreciate it.

  • Honestly you are completely overanalyizing everything that is happening with him. He has some major sh*t going on in his life that is stressin him out and you shouldn't be adding to that w your neediness. You need to give him some space and allow him to reach out to you when he is ready otherwise you will just end up driving him away. Good luck

  • hes just busy and distracted ... take a breath and let him come to you which he will

  • I think you are overreacting maybe he just has serious family issues don't worry about it.

  • I don't see any indication of him wanting to end anything. Just sounds like he was busy. I think you're worrying over nothing.