A woman acts interested, cancels a date and says she will call later but doesn't

A woman I work with (I know I know) has recently started showing an interest in me. I asked her to forward me something and she asked for my phone number to text it to me. After that she began texting me and we started talking more and more outside of work by text. She said we should get together for a drink and I said I would love to. One evening she was at a bar and I was at another and I implied it would be easier to have a drink together if we were in the same bar. She replied we would hang out together soon. After that we made a date for dinner and she canceled the afternoon of the same day. She seemed apologetic and suggested she call me when she was done and we could get a drink. I said that would be great and she said she would keep me posted. A day later and I haven't heard a word, text or otherwise. What does this mean and what should I do? I really thought this woman was interested.


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  • Either she's really busy or she's just not that interested.

    just wait for 2 days more and see if she contacts you within.

    If she doesn't give you any call within those days, she's not that interested.

    I personally think, if she cares enough and is interested, she should have let you know

    that she's extremely busy, so she won't be able to make it for few days or whatever.

    If she's just disappeared without telling you any, means she isn't that interested.

    • She has not acted differently at work. I tried to act friendly but not upset that she hasn't called or texted. I was thinking to let it go for another day then send her a text. We send silly quotes etc from time to time. something not to threating


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  • Learn to keep your options open & never come quick to decisions. as I would love to say there multiple of factors involved like work, traffic, home,personal issues could be involved, standing anybody up is a major big sign or carelessness or lack of interest.. by the way how did she cancel by text or call? if its by text there definite sign of her playing games or lack of interest but if she called its more respectful & perhaps she has a valid decision. what I conclude is give her a benefit of doubt & perhaps drop a sms or text say " hi what's up.. so about that meetup & drink we thought we get to?" don't be clingy & drop its perhaps sumtime after 3-4 days..if she still doesn't respond..bru move on..such people dnt deserve sympathy or attention to be paid to them...

  • I would leave it alone...she may just want to be nice and not say anything

  • I would wait for her to contact you. The ball is in her court. If you don't hear anything with a couple of days you have your answer. There is one saying that is true - "if a woman likes you she will always make time to see you"