Should I text her again?

I meet this girl at my homecoming. We danced and she even grinded on me. I ended up getting her number and texted her like two days later and haven't gotten a response for a day. Yes I know she could be busy, but should I just text again or just call her tomorrow?

Btw she doesn't go to my school and she initiated the grinding.(First time for me lol)


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  • I don't know if she is playing games or what but... the one thing to DEFINITELY not do is text her nonstop when she's not replying. If she doesn't text back once, maybe text her again a little later. If she doesn't text back twice, she's giving you a hint.


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  • You should just find a way to talk to her at school for a little bit. Make her laugh at a lame joke, and then try texting her again.

    I wouldn't text her until then. You gotta stick out in her mind slightly before she'll respond.

  • Wait for 2 more days for a response before you make any moves. If she does not reply. Move on.