Will he text me?


I met this guy online and we had been emailing for a few weeks.We had our first date last Thursday and it seemed to go very well.I text him on Friday evening to ask him if he had recovered after the night before.He text back straight away and said he was tired but heading out later.I haven't heard from him since. Do you think he will text again?I really don't think so if he hasn't text by now..


Thanks for all your advice.

I think he's definitely not interested as he has been online over the past few days and he hasn't contacted me..Oh well. Just going to bite the bullet and move on

Thanks again


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  • He either isn't interested or he's dating other girls from online..or there's the possibilty something happend like a death in the family or something..i doubt that though..my take is that he's dating other girls he met online..especially if its a dating website, I hear the complaint from girls all of the time..do not text him..you showed your interest after the date, now its up to him, the last thing you want to do is make a fool of yourself, and though you may want to say hi, I have made that mistake in the past, and when you get blown off or ignored, you feel foolish, you showed your interest now let him reciprocate


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  • Maybe not tonight and perhaps tomorrow. it just started so don't start overanalyzing now. You should however, say hi if you feel like saying hi.