Guys: Why do you lie about who you've dated?

My ex told me he's been single since we split. That was six months ago.

I go to a small private school so word gets around and I know he had been dating one of the girls here since we broke up AND that he just broke up with her.

So why do guys lie about who theyve dated especially when everyone knows?


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  • Well, not everybody knows if they aren't in certain social circles or don't do homework. If a guy is always shopping for new girls, it doesn't give him any advantage to be honest. Both you and the other girl fell for a player. He might not be the smartest player around, but he's still a player. There was something about him that attracted you to him in the first place, as did the other girl. What's is it about him that make him attractive to you when you first met?


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  • There could be a lot of reasons but most people don't want to hurt your feelings or want to avoid drama.

  • I've dated a guy who said he dated a fairly famous girl... They lie because they can, girls do the same thing