Boys, how do you feel when a girl doesn't respond to a text?

In general, but specifically a guy I used to see (and see around often) will sometimes randomly message me, though he tends to ignore me if I initiate the messaging. Tonight he sent me a text about it being a beautiful night for riding (we both ride bikes) and I chose not to respond, partially for "payback" honestly, and partially due to not knowing what I was supposed to say to that.

Question is, what is your initial response when a girl ignores a message from you? Turn off/on? Is it playing hard to get or just being petty?


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  • Initial response is she either is not interested or is busy. Two ignored messages lets me know she isn't interested. However, I am more direct and tend to be direct... also not into Texting as my initial way of communicating. So by the time I start texting I generally already know where I stand.

    (And I would not have texted a hint to you... I would have specifically said "It is a great night for riding... would you ride with me?"


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  • I'd probably think she was too busy with her friends/boyfriend of whatever. People are allowed to have a life that doesn't involve me.

  • i assume she's in the middle of something and can't get back to me on it.

    if it's consistent though then I assume she's just not interested.

  • Like killing myself. It felt good to finally get a girls # directly from her but when she didn't reply to my message I reached another low and deleted every girls # in my phone. It was summer 2010 and I haven't yet ask for a girls number again

  • it's stressful particularly if I want the girl to be on good relations with me. Maybe it can put me in a bad mood against the girl if I think she is treating me disrespectfully. if he is ignoring you when you text that is quite mean.


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