How do you date a busy man?

I mean he works 2 sometimes 3 or more jobs. He tells me he likes me and calls me. But I'm afraid of annoying him with my text messages. and annoying him from calling him. any advice? .. we are the exact match of the other and I'm hoping this works out.. any help or advice on what to do when dating a busy guy?


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  • You need to respect his business (Which you are) BUT he needs to respect that you want to date HIM not the idea of HIM. I think you need to speak to him and you two figure out how to make this work.


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  • This is coming from an exceptionally busy man: 1.) Give him space but don't neglect him completely. I go through days where I'm exhausted and don't want to talk to anybody, and I usually seem agitated and a girl can pick up on that. Give him some alone time when that happens and don't get offended by it. Give him some time and he'll calm down and want you back. 2.) Ask him how he is doing. Speaking for myself and other guys who work their asses off, we tend to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and talking to our girlfriend or wife definetely helps us relieve the burden, at least it does for me. 3.) Know that if he can't see you because he is busy doesn't mean he doesn't want to see you because he's not interested, he's genuinely busy. I've had girls get angry and leave me because they just didn't realize that me being busy and not being able to see them when they wanted to didn't mean I lost interest in them. 4.) Make sure he knows that you're always there and that you want things to work out, in spite of his busy schedule. If I'm dating a girl I like and she honestly tells me she knows I have a demanding sheduele but that she really likes me and will stick with it to work the relationship out, that's more than I could ever ask of her.


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  • I know this isn't going to help you at all...but I wouldn't. You can be understanding or whatever but if he's busy all the time and it's not for a short/medium period then it's going to get to you unless you don't really care. =/