Is he playing hard to get or something?

After this guy got my number through a friend about a month ago he texted me at least 3 times a week after that asking to hangout. usually I was busy or just nothing feeling like hanging out...but we did hangout a couple times. the first time he invited me to go smoke weed with his buddies where at the end of the night he gave me a hug and the second was at a party and he texted me thanking me for inviting him and "goodnight :)" plus he has eaten with me and my friends several times.

then we kind of stopped texting each other for awhile...but now I'm kind of starting to crush on him and he texted me in the beginning of the week but I was busy so he said "but we should hangout...text me when your free" I then texted him twice after that on different days asking if he wanted to hangout...but he never replied to those texts.

What is the deal? is he playing hard to get? or is he tired of trying to hangout with me?


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  • You've been unavailable quite a few times, so he doesn't think you're that interested in him. so he doesn't think you'll mind if he doesn't reply quickly now that you are the one sending the messages.

    He was probably busy when you texted and didn't feel he needed to reply given the pattern of lack of contact.

    • Ok, now it makes sense. I can see this being his way of thinking. but I just felt like him saying "let me know when your free then" would mean he would want to hangout a soon as possible. but idk...this makes sense now. thank you :)

    • Thanks for the best answer Sunshine!

      People tend to fall into line with patterns other people have set..unfortunately. Of course he SHOULD have answered you in some way! But he may resent the times you said you were busy!


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  • us men get tired of waiting just like you women and eventually move on.


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  • It could be that he met someone else, could be that he forgot to text you back because he's busy, could be that some of your messages didn't make it to his phone...

    Just text him: I'm fee on X, wanna hang out?

  • i really don't understand that feeling in guys myself,its sort of weird and you start thinking maybe he just needed a partner or maybe he was just using you...

    but I think you shouldn't be too expectant of his call or text,that way you would get over him and maybe erase his mobile...take my word: he would surely come back when you stop chasing...