I never hear from them again. What am I doing wrong?

I've been out of a relationship for nearly 10 months and am trying to get back into the dating scene. Let's just say my luck has been horrible! Men that show interest and approach me I have absolutely no attraction in and men I do find attractive and exchange glances with never approach me. I resorted to trying online dating and have gone out with a few great guys. (Typically to dinner, coffee, or for a casual drink). We have a great time and there is a lot of chemistry. Typically after a first date I will send the guy a message letting him know I had a great time and would love to do it again, but I never hear from them again. I've even gone to the point of suggesting a second date. And nothing. I'm definitely not a supermodel, but I don't consider my unattractive, I'm 5'2 about 130 and physically active. I've been told by countless people that I am beautiful and have a great personality. So I'm confused, am I going about this wrong?


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  • I don't know what you're doing wrong. There could be a million things. Are there patterns in conversation? Is there a topic that you talk about normally on these first dates?

    • I typically talk about work, school, hobbies, and family. Ask them questions about themselves in the same regard. I don't care to talk about exes, politics, religion, those sort of things with people I just met in general. If those kinds of conversations come up it's typically the guy bringing them up. I usually avoid those topics.

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    • Oh hey, this just dawned on me and I remembered this question. You say that you text them and tell them that you had a good time and that you should do it again, but do you think the guy "feels" like you want to do it again?

      I was thinking back to somebody I personally didn't call back and it's because I didn't feel like she was into me. She said she had a good time, but it didn't feel like she did. She also didn't seem all that happy in general.

    • This idea I'm trying to communicate is kind of hard to explain... and it might not even apply to you, but I thought I'd share :)


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  • some vibe you might be giving off. and of course we have to get to the sex question.

    • I've only had one one night stand in last few months, and never heard from the guy again, which I expected. Besides that one I don't have sex on the first date or the first few dates for that matter.

    • how are you meeting guys? maybe you need a different environment.

  • It's probably just your subconscious regretting (and hoping to get back into) your past? Sometimes, we don't even realize the way our subsconscious controls us.


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  • Welcome to every woman in the world's life. lol

  • ive got the same problem. Although we might not think so, our standards might be set too high.