Should I just leave this alone? or should I try to call him?

I met this guy online like a week ago. I'm 19 and he is 21. He lives and hour and 30 minutes away from me. We met and everything was great. He drove down to see met first and I went three weeks in a row to see him (once a week). He texted me the entire day, always texted me good morning and called me every night. He always called me to see if I arrived home okay. He remembered everything about me. Things started out really fast. Sexually and emotionally. After losing my virginity to him, I just got really emotional I guess. When I was driving back home I cried the whole drive back. I felt like I was putting in more effort in than him. I felt like he was using me. I got home, he called me twice and I didn't answer. I texted him letting him know that I made it home okay but I didn't want to talk at the moment. He texted asking if I was upset, I didn't reply because I didn't know what to say. He texted me saying that if this was going to work, communication was key and he would be willing to discuss anything. I sent him this long message about how I felt used. Different little things, regarding money and certain things. Well he hasn't texted me since, and he blocked me off of Facebook (wtf). Well I decided to apologize the day after because I was so upset, and he didn't reply to that either. I feel like we really clicked, and I feel like I messed everything up. I have never had anyone treat me like he did (in a good way). Should I just leave this alone? or should I try to call him. I hate asking this, but I hate not knowing what to do.

*5 weeks ago...


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  • i think you should give it some time to cool off. He probably is into you, but maybe he feels like you're moving along too fast for him? Most guys I've been with in the past have taken a little longer to develop or acknowledge their feelings for a girl, so just lay off for a bit then send a casual 'what's up' in 2 or 3 weeks.


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  • what were the specific things that upset you? or made you feel used or him not putting in the same effort?

    • I mean if a guy says communication is key, but then is unable to take it, that is BS, like he likes it to sound good but is unwilling, it seems, to walk the walk

    • He asked me to pay for lunch when I drove all the way to his place. He was the one to pay for both of us the majority of the time, but gas is really expensive too. I do not mind paying for lunch/dinner at all, but I figured he could get it considering I drove all the way down. And I'm not willing to give him a BJ until he gets tested, he just makes jokes all the time because he wants me to do it. He isn't mean about it, but it's annoying. BAHH

    • sounds like a number of petty things

      DO . YOU . LOVE . HIM ?

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  • i would give him some time and see what happens. maybe you came on too strong because you were upset.

  • you can try call him one more time hun, but I doubt everything will be okay.