Will he think I am showing interest or that I'm desperate?

I met a guy on match.com and we went on one date. After 3 full days of no contact at all between us, I decided to go on his profile just to check him out again. Then I realized that he will see that I viewed him, as it comes up in your notifications when you log into the site. So my question is: will he think of this as sign that I'm interested and hint that I want him to ask me out again? or will he think I am desperate and just sitting around praying he will contact me? I guess I'm just trying to see whether this mishap can actually help me or if it can only hurt me. Guys, what would you think if this was you in his position? And to give some background, I thought our first date went great, and he looked like he enjoyed himself too (although that's just my perception).


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  • Once is fine, it will remind him to contact you again if he's so inclined. Any more than that will probably look desperate but I wouldn't worry about once at all.

    I disagree with the first post, I don't think three days is too long at all. Maybe he only likes going out on weekends and needs time to plan. There are a lot of factors, just give it some time.


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  • chances are slim since it has been few days - just ask him what's up and find out. why fight with your own brain over some stranger?

  • Explain to me how this is a "mishap". If it's been 3 days and no contact, your chances are already slim to none. If you want to hear from him you're gonna have to pick up the phone. Your little "mishap" will have probably no baring on the situation one way or the other.


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